The Customer

Centene, a healthcare program and solutions provider, recruited HOLT for help in lighting their Clayton parking garage.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to automate their garage lighting system to reduce unnecessary spending and energy costs. Because the Clayton area is heavily concentrated with both residential and commercial properties, we needed to take both the needs of the client and the surrounding community into consideration.

The Solution

HOLT worked to create lighting solutions that would provide a safe, efficient parking environment without disturbing the surrounding community. Shifting from the original plan of installing individual motion-sensing light fixtures, HOLT recommended a wireless network sensor which gives the client complete remote control over each light for the same price. We also provided renderings of a few options for fixtures that would help the garage feel brighter and safer by eliminating the cave effect, meet security requirements, and limit light spillage to the homes outside of the garage.

The Win

Once installed, the garage lighting gave the client more control over their costs and peace of mind in terms of safety and compliance. And by having each lighting system connected to its own IP address, Centene now has complete control over the space’s lighting for now and in the future.

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