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High Capacity Trailer

Our custom wire trailer has a weight capacity of 12,000 pounds. That’s four 60-inch reels or eight 48-inch reels! If needed, we can also load the truck bed with an extra 2,000 pounds and up to a 48-inch reel on a spinning A-frame.

Single Wire Trailer

HOLT’s single wire trailer has a weight capacity of 6,500 pounds. This trailer can be loaded with two 60-inch reels or four 48-inch reels. You can maximize its capacity by utilizing our truck, which holds one additional 48-inch reel on a spinning A-Frame.

Prepped & Ready

We load your wire trailer to your specifications and crimp pulling heads on all your wire. Then our certified professionals bring the trailer to you and pick it up once your pull is complete.

The Right Reel for Every Job

Smooth, safe pulls and easy maneuverability are essential on any wire job. HOLT offers three different types of wire reels to meet the needs of any project. We offer high-capacity, self-spinning wooden reels, consolidated reels, and compartment wire reels—all designed to increase job site efficiency with less pulling tension, shorter pull time, and reduced setup and cleanup time.

Additional Equipment Rental

If you need pullers and pushers for your wire job, we can provide them through our rental department. We also offer rental for all types of tools that you may need on your job site.

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