The Customer

The client is a well-known leader in creating automatic arc welding machines located in Washington, MO. With over 50 years in business, they have designed and built premium-quality, value-focused equipment and fixtures, and are trusted around the world as a solutions provider for factory automation.

The Challenge

Our client had quite a bit of unused land, and was ready to expand their existing facilities.  We were brought in to ensure the safety, efficiency, and strategy of the design-build project while working alongside the client’s electrical contractor.

The Solution

The HOLT team collaborated with the client and their contractor to create a plan based on an initial scope of work (SOW). After reviewing the initial plan, we suggested a simpler and more cost-effective method for wiring, saving time and money. Rather than using cables — a labor-intensive and complicated process — we were able to propose and implement a plan using bus ducts instead. This innovative strategy allowed for a much cleaner design as well as significantly reduced labor costs by keeping the bus ducts underground rather than overhead and relocating the distribution switchboard.

The Win

After the six-month build of the expansion, the update became the largest industrial infrastructure in all of Washington. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary by moving into their new building, which prompted an influx of jobs to the area as well as a St. Louis Business Journal article touting the impact of the 367,000 square-foot space and what opportunities it brings to the community.


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