The Customer

Greenleaf Grocery and locally-owned KAI DB set out to create an accessible grocery store in an underserved Saint Louis neighborhood. Backed by the support of the community and the mayor, the customer wanted to help provide the region with access to healthy, fresh food.

The Challenge

Lighting a grocery store presents a unique challenge because each type of product sold requires its own lighting style — shelf-stable products don’t need the same bright lights that produce needs to shine. There are also multiple complex NSF lighting considerations for the customer and behind-the-counter areas, like using enclosed and gasketed lights in the meat prep room.

The Solution

We worked with KAI DB to provide the customer with recommendations and help in selecting the best fixtures for each area of the store, taking into consideration the aesthetics of the store as well as the lighting style that would best feature each product type. We also made sure to provide recommendations that exceed NSF standards for each department, ensuring the store is up-to-code and that the workers and shoppers are safe.

The Win

The opening of the new Greenleaf Grocery was a community-wide celebration! Kicking off with a ribbon cutting ceremony and the mayor as a speaker, the store is now a representation of hope and promise for the community.

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