Say hello to Scott Cambron, operations manager at our soon-to-open location in North County (NOCO), Missouri. Scott has recently moved into the big seat to take the helm of our second-largest operation in the HOLT network! The new NOCO location is a 50,000 square foot facility that will run two trucks every day once it’s open later this summer. 

Scott has been with HOLT for two years running our lighting showroom. When we tapped him to run our newest branch, he was excited about the challenge. 

“I’m ready to get my hands dirty again,” Scott said. “We’ve been hard at work getting the location set up and ready to go.”

Scott’s work ethic and passion for learning are sure to help him succeed in his new role. “Ever since I started at HOLT, I’ve wanted to learn everything I can about our company and how I can better serve our customers,” he said. “My new role is the next step in doing exactly that.”

Scott and his team have been busy receiving deliveries to get the NOCO location stocked with inventory, setting up the retail area and counter, and organizing it all to hit the ground running. We are all looking forward to serving more customers and doing it faster than ever before with the opening of this new location. Once we’re open, be sure to give Scott a good old air high five!

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