So you’ve finally gotten around to replacing those dim and burnt-out bulbs. But now what do you do with them? Each bulb type requires a different type of disposal. Read on to learn more!

Safety First

Before removing any kind of light bulb or tube, be sure to turn off the power source. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves in case of broken glass or filament, and we’d recommend having packing materials like newspaper, bubble wrap, or reusable mailers to help keep the glass safely contained.

Incandescent Bulbs  

Disposing of these kinds of light bulbs is incredibly easy because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals. You can dispose of your incandescent bulbs by throwing them away with your normal garbage.

Some cities will also let you recycle your used incandescent bulbs — you can find more information about options in your area here.

CFL and Fluorescent Bulbs

Disposing of fluorescent and CFL bulbs require a bit more care because they contain a tiny bit of mercury, and if they’re damaged, that mercury can get into landfills and our water supply. Fortunately, CFL bulbs can also be recycled.

Longer, tube-shaped fluorescent bulbs can also be recycled, but take care to remove them gently. If they break you’ll need to leave the room and air it out to avoid excess inhalation and take extra precautions when you do dispose of them.

LED Bulbs 

While they can be recycled, LED bulbs (including holiday lights) are another light bulb type that’s fine to throw away. When handling, just be sure to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and others from any potential injuries.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs (often used as floodlights outside of homes and businesses) can also be safely thrown away with your regular garbage or recycled through participating programs. 

Where can I recycle my bulbs?

We’re helping create a greener planet at HOLT! We recycle thousands of lamps on our customers’ behalf. Give us a call ahead of time to schedule your dropoff!
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