Got a challenging job site? We’ve seen them all. Electrical jobs are harder and more complicated when you don’t have adequate storage space, there’s no trailer onsite, or your trailer isn’t big enough to collaborate with your team. 

A customizable job site pod from HOLT Electrical Supply can be the answer. Here’s what it can make possible.

Better Job Site Security 

Materials can be costly. Some materials have seen a huge increase in price post-pandemic, and professional tools have always fetched a fair dollar. That makes both ripe targets for theft, especially when a job site is inactive.

In fact, if you visit Reddit’s electricians’ forums, theft and tampering are issues that get talked about a lot. The numbers back that up: The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), together with the National Equipment Register, once tracked job site theft and found that over 11,000 pieces of equipment “walked away” over the course of a year.

So what can you do? Carting those tools and materials to and from the job site is not always an option—and even when it is, it creates transportation costs and takes extra time. Storing them on site is a much better option, which is now a safe and secure option with job site pods.

Prevent Project Delays

One of the biggest reasons projects get delayed is because work cannot start until the right electrical supplies are delivered. (And because electrical is often one of the first things that needs to get done, this can impact the timeline for the entire build.)

What if tools and materials could be ordered ahead of time and then simply left at the job site, ready when you begin work? Again, this is where secure storage is useful.

Extra Space to Work

Our site pods can be outfitted to meet your particular needs with equipment such as plotting tables for reviewing plans. While they won’t replace the function of a job site trailer (they aren’t temperature controlled and we haven’t yet integrated any lighting), they can provide another convenient place for your team to work out of. You also have full access to the trailer at all times, so you can store other equipment in addition to the products you have delivered from HOLT—so it functions like your own portable warehouse.

How Do Job Site Pods Work?

We can make your job site pod work in just the way you need it to. It starts with a simple idea: We deliver your products in larger batches to your job site pod. You’ll spend less time waiting for morning deliveries of just what you need for that particular day. You and your team can stay focused on the day’s priorities with fewer interruptions to receive supplies. And because your products are kept locked up and secure until you need them, you don’t have to worry about theft or tampering anymore.

Site pods also allow us to fully maximize the routes that our supply trucks take as well as the products being stocked, which means that everyone gets what they need more quickly. And when you have what you need more quickly, you can confidently promise that you’ll deliver projects on time and on budget.

Request Yours Today

What challenges could your own portable onsite warehouse solve? To learn more about our site pods or to get one outfitted for your next electrical project, contact your local HOLT rep.

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