Built with experience and intelligence, Pow-R-Line Xpert products are the most advanced lineup of panelboards and switchboards on the market today. With built-in communications, energy metering, and breaker health diagnostics, these top-of-the-line products will help you create a safer and more reliable system for your customers. 

In this article, we’re showcasing two particular products in the Pow-R-Line Xpert family that electrical contractors love to work with. With Pow-R-Line Xpert panelboards and switchboards, you can improve the efficiency and reliability of your next project. Here’s how:

PRL1X and PRL2X for Data Centers, Industrial, Commercial, and Healthcare Facilities

Eliminate restrictions and inconsistencies during your next installation. This lighting panelboard provides a compact and flexible solution for electric power distribution and is designed for use in data centers, industrial, commercial, and healthcare facilities. These panelboards enable two branch safety devices to feed downstream electrical equipment safely. They also help you get more out of a single panelboard to optimize the physical footprint of your work. 

Key Features and Benefits of PRL1X and PRL2X
  • Industry Proven Reliability
    • Compliant with UL 67 and UL 50, in addition to meeting all requirements of NEMA, NEC, and federal specification WP-116c.
    • Meets the seismic requirements of International Building Code (IBC), California Building Code (CBC) and California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). 
  • Enhanced Safety 
    • Laser-cut trims ensure a consistent, accurate fit and eliminate sharp edges, minimizing potential risks of injury.
    • The dead front bracket design reduces accidental damage due to its reinforced structural integrity. 
    • Say goodbye to sharp edges with painted chassis components and corners. 
  • Improves Installation Efficiency 
    • The reflective properties allow branch breaker installation to be done even in a dimly lit work area. 
    • Reduce complexity when installing screws. QuaDrive screws allow you to use your preferred tools when performing installation. 
    • With four dead front cover screws, achieve easy wiring compartment access. 


  • Surge options available up to 200 kA 
  • Chassis exception miniature circuit breaker types BAB and QB 
  • Integral customer metering options available 
  • Eaton Power Defense molded case circuit breakers as main and sub-feed  
  • EZ Box and EZ Trim standard 
  • Available with plug-on breakers up to 100 amps and bolt-on breakers up to 100 amps 
  • Provides flush or surface-mounted and fully or series-rated options 
  • Offers aluminum or copper bus options 
  • Includes surge protection, service entrance and integrated metering capabilities
  • Provides up to 84 branch circuit devices


  • Includes Eaton’s Power Defense molded case circuit for main and sub-feed circuit breakers
  • Available with plug-on breakers up to 100 A and bolt-on breakers up to 100 A
  • Provides flush- or surface-mounted, and fully- or series-rated options
  • Offers aluminum or copper bus options
  • Provides up to 84 branch circuit devices
  • Nema 1, 2, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 enclosures available
  • Offers sub-feed or through-feed lugs, single or dual sub-feed breaker options and a handle lock-off device
  • Includes surge protection, service entrance and integrated metering capabilities
  • Panelboard are seismically tested, qualified and exceed requirements of the IBC/CBC/OSHPD
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