This month, we’re featuring the WPX LED Wall Pack Luminaires by Lithonia Lighting. With three sizes and light output ranging from 1550 to 9200 lumens, these wall packs provide a wide photometric distribution to reduce the total number of luminaires needed to keep your outdoor spaces well-lit and safe.

WPX LED Wall Packs feature an internal wiring compartment for easy mounting and wiring, as well as ½-inch threaded conduit hubs on three sides, allowing for surface conduit or poke-through conduit wiring. They are also sized to cover the entire footprint of old HID lights, as well as any potential stains or damage for a clean finish. These provide an L90 time of 100,000 hours, for greater efficiency and worry-free maintenance.


  • Light output ranging from 1550 to 9200 lumens
  • Mounting height up to 20 feet
  • Available in 30K, 40K, or 50K color temperature
  • Options for emergency backup battery or photocells
  • Available in dark bronze, white, or black 
  • Replaces inefficient HID lights 

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