This month, we’re featuring a low-energy, high-output lighting product, the TWX LED wall pack, that will light outdoor spaces safely and efficiently. The ground-up design features premium borosilicate glass lenses to work in conjunction with a high-efficiency engine while minimizing wasted up-light. Its slim footprint makes a minimal design impact while also covering the typical stains left over from HID glass wall packs. 

The TWX LED wall pack series is available in three sizes with lumen outputs ranging from 2,950 to 13,850 lumens, and is designed to swap out 70W to 400W HID wall packs. Also includes a range of colors to suit your project: Black, bronze, silver, white.


  • Slim design to take up minimal wall space
  • Ultra efficiency to reduce energy consumption
  • Glass lenses reduce wasted up-light
  • Lumens: 1600 LM, 2900 LM, 3100 LM, 4200 LM, 5000 LM, 6500 LM, 8500 LM, 10,000 LM, 12,300 LM, 13,200 LM
  • Voltage rating: 120-277, 347, 480
  • Available in four colors: Black, bronze, silver, white

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