The Customer

Our customer is a significant theme park brand that hosts amusement parks all over the country. HOLT was called upon to help with their special holiday events, where they make lighting and decorating changes within the theme parks to celebrate the holidays. 

The Challenge 

Our client has been changing lamp colors to celebrate holidays like Halloween and Christmas with different colored lights. Each light fixture would have their bulbs changed out into a festive color each holiday in celebration. The constant upkeep caused logistical problems, increased cost for labor, and excess stock in their warehouse. Plus, a lack of reliability with the old CFL lamps and light fixtures. 

The constant maintenance was a tasking multi-person job, taking a significant amount of time running around changing out hundreds of individual lamps to colored ones. These light fixtures and colored CFL lamps had seemingly outlived their time, making them unreliable and costing our client unnecessary cost for their upkeep. They needed a new and improved lighting system, including fixtures, to elevate the look of colored lighting while keeping the product’s price low and easy on labor cost. 

The Solution 

With creating the new and improved way to change the light color, our team decided to eliminate the idea of different colored light lamps or color-changing lamps and implement a new fixture with a flat lens. We got creative and reached out to our neighbor Vinyl Images to help create colored vinyl stickers on each fixture. We worked together to create a sticker that was easy to take on and off without leaving a residue on the lens, making it easy maintenance for our client’s employees.  

With the new residue-free colored stickers, labor cost lowered due to the quick and straightforward application and removal of each sticker. The packs of stickers are easier to store than the boxes of colored lamps, saving a great deal of space in their warehouse. Our customer has saved costs on purchasing our simple one-use vinyl stickers instead of tending to their original colored lamps and the labor-intensive process they initially were doing every holiday.  Plus, each one-use vinyl sticker is fully recyclable at Vinyl Images! 

The Win 

Our customer gets to live out their decorative lighting fantasies all year long without spending unnecessary labor and upkeep costs. The efficiency for our client is increasing due to the new LED light fixtures and the simple application and removal of the colored vinyl stickers. 

This job created a quick solution for our customers and opened up many other opportunities for future holiday lighting projects, and many others like it.

We are happy to continue being a reoccurring and permanent fixture (no pun intended) for our client! We are delighted that our creativity and going the extra mile on this project could create such beautiful decor for their theme parks! 

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