How HOLT Electrical Supply Goes Above and Beyond Creating Efficient Lighting Solutions for a Premier Aerospace and Maritime Parts Manufacturer

The Customer

During the pandemic, the efficiency and consistent uptime of facilities are more important than ever. When manufacturers are already scrambling to adjust to supply chain fluctuations, every dollar counts. Saving money in the right places and spending it on suitable needs is imperative to expand a business. Production has to continue for businesses to meet their commitments to their customers, so manufacturers are consistently looking for ways to reduce equipment downtime.

One of our awesome electrical contractors’ reached out to HOLT to bring our expertise and knowledge to a project with a turnkey supplier that specializes in high-complexity machine parts and assemblies for the aerospace and maritime industries. They have extensive capabilities, including CNC machining, design engineering, mechanical and electrical assembly, painting, kitting, welding, and more.

The Challenge

Our customer had significant issues with the lighting in their production facility. The lights they currently had were being changed multiple times every couple of months due to their low quality and inability to keep up with the facility’s demanding schedule, decreasing workflow efficiency.

The customer was having to shut down their machines to complete the frequent lamp changes. As a result, excess downtime and extra labor costs were threatening the company’s profits and their ability to meet their commitments to their customers.

Our Solution

After our customer’s electrical contractor contacted the HOLT team, we began to research lighting solutions at facilities with similar demands. We narrowed our search down to the Lithonia IBG high bay. This specific product has outstanding luminous efficacy that would reduce the company’s overall energy consumption. These lights can withstand the consistent usage of the 24/7 facility—lessening the need to replace them so often, saving our customer’s time and money with less downtime of their facility’s machines.

To help address our customer’s budget constraints, we reached out to Ameren to eliminate unnecessary costs for their lighting. Thanks to Ameren incentives, we were able to reduce the price of their new lighting solution upfront by over 20%.

After setting up the timelines and cost to install, we implemented the lighting system in phases. We ended up installing and replacing over two hundred new LED fixtures in their facility. The overall payback of the project was under 3.5 years, with an overall savings of 500,000 kw hours’ worth of electricity; that is equivalent of removing 75 vehicles off the road for one year, or powering 700 homes for a month!

We committed to working closely with our customer’s team to ensure clear communication throughout the project. Our team was there every step of the way, attentive, and prepared to immediately resolve any hiccups.


Our customer has a brand new lighting system, with fixtures that will last over five years, so the customer can keep their manufacturing equipment up and running without interruption from frequent lamp changes.

The new lighting has also lowered costs on their utilities, saving them over 30% on their annual utility bill. These savings will allow our client to allocate the money they spent on the previous lights towards expanding their capabilities and other business growth initiatives.

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