COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the supply chain with massive shortages and volatile lead times that left many suppliers with, well…no supply! But for the rare companies who keep inventory, it was business as usual. 

All About Inventory

We know that for electrical contractors, it’s hard to keep a lot of supplies on hand. That’s why some suppliers like HOLT keep inventory available at all times. This allows them to place frequent orders and keep projects moving forward without the risk of items being stolen or damaged. HOLT even goes as far as providing a secure storage container to keep at your job site. We make supply drops to your container ahead of time so that your team isn’t standing around waiting for a delivery. When it comes to running a successful project, inventory and delivery timing is everything. 


Our inventory philosophy is simple. By keeping our warehouse stocked (pandemic or not) we always have the supplies electrical contractors need, when they need it. We absorb factory lead times and give our contractors a more reliable source for supplies.

Many suppliers operate on a just-in-time inventory model, but supply chain disruption during the pandemic hit them hard. By operating with “just-in-case inventory,” we’ve been able to help our customers keep projects going even when the unexpected happens.

Inside the HOLT Warehouse

Over the past few years, we’ve partnered closely with manufacturers to develop a more robust inventory plan and have expanded our stock selection. 

Working closely with our lighting, wire and commodity partners, we’ve maximized our stock and managed to keep a largely consistent, uninterrupted inventory. Plus, we have direct-shipment trucks with our hardware and fittings manufacturer partners to stock our branches faster. Here’s what we keep in stock:

  • Flat panels (500+)
  • LED strips (250+)
  • Wall packs (150+)
  • High bays (400+)
  • 4”, 6”, 8” recessed canned lighting (new construction and retrofit, commercial and residential)
  • Retrofit LED lamps (5,000+ and over 30 SKUs in stock)
  • These come in configurable lumen outputs and color temperatures to give contractors multiple options in one fixture.
  • 100w 35’ cord temp lighting (150+) 
  • MC and THHN wire
  • Service cables
  • Conduit, strut, and rod (300,000+ feet) 
  • Rod sizes: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, 1”, 1 1/8”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”  
  • Strut and back-to-back strut sizes: 13/16”, 1 5/8”, 2 ¼”,2 7/16”, 3 ¼”
  • Eaton’s Pow-R-Express 100-600 amp interiors (main lug only and main circuit breaker, copper and aluminum bus)
  • Safety switches
  • Transformers
  • 20’ and 25’ light poles (25+)
  • Explosion-proof fittings
  • Seal offs
  • Whips and ceiling compounds
  • High-press crimping
  • Hole cutting
  • Wire cutting
  • Underground utility locating tools
A Supplier You can Trust

The truth is that supply chain disruptions can happen at any moment and when it does, your supplier’s approach to business (and inventory) makes a big difference. Our inventory safeguards are just one way that we help electrical contractors seize opportunities and win more business.

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