This month, we’re talking about a heavy-duty tool that is designed with features to help you get through your workday.

The Greenlee Gator 12-ton crimper is weight-balanced, so even though it weighs 15 pounds, the tool design helps reduce strain on your joints. It has a two-speed hydraulic setting to make the tool even faster. You can also stop the crimp on the reverse to cut down on battery usage and time. 

On-board Bluetooth™ settings communicate directly with your Greenlee Gator Eye app. Check battery levels and pressure settings quickly thanks to the LED sensor light. Internal pressure sensors monitor the crimping force for each comp and send visual and audio alarms if the force falls below specs. The Greenlee crimper is also U-rated to support most die adapters. To remain more eco-friendly, all of Greenlee’s battery powered tools now use biodegradable oil. 

Other features include:

  • Included 18V lithium ion (L-ion) battery for 70% more cycles on a single charge with faster recharging cycles
  • Weight balanced for better control
  • 350-degree rotating crimper head
  • Auto-retract when the crimp cycle is complete
  • LED light for better accuracy in low-light job areas

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