Klein Tools’ latest product drop in their professional line is an essential for all electricians, from apprentice to journeyman and beyond. Say hello to the Advanced Circuit Tracer Kit! Here’s everything you need to know.

No matter how long you’ve been in the field, you know that there’s a certain order of operations that needs to be followed to complete a job safely and efficiently. When it comes to renovations and repairs—it’s a good idea to find the wire before you go pulling out drywall or concrete. In other words, circuit finders are a must.

But, as you probably also know, there are a lot of circuit tracers on the market, so what makes this one different? It all boils down to reliability, portability, and the cost of initial tool investment. Klein Tools Circuit Tracer packs maximum power and functionality into a more reasonable price than other kits out there. Plus, in true Klein fashion, this kit comes with every accessory you’ll need, batteries and all! Here’s a closer look at the product features and benefits.

The Klein Tools Advanced Circuit Tracer—What it does

Trace non-energized breakers, fuses, wires

Trace energized wires up to 480v AC/DC

Uses the direct ground method for GFCI-protected and non-GFCI circuits


Receiver has 8 sensitive levels for detecting the transmitted signal through drywall, cement block, and underground.

Built-in non-contact voltage (NCV) detector

Built-in flashlight

Compact, portable design

Easy-to-read display screen

Included in the kit

ET450T Transmitter

ET450R Receiver

Red and black 3’ lead adapters

20’ lead adapter (lead adapters can be connected end-to-end for additional length)

AC plug leads

Red and black alligator clips

Red and black blade prongs

Ground prong

All batteries are included!

Replacement Parts and Accessories

With many new product drops, replacement parts and accessories aren’t always available right away. But as of May 2022, the replacement pieces for this kit are officially available!For more information about this kit and any replacement accessories, please contact us at info@HOLTsupplies.com or give us a call at 314.533.5555.

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