Do you need to install a floor box, but not much time to do it and it needs to look good? You’re in luck! The HOLT team is thrilled to showcase our Wiremold Ratchet-Pro product as our monthly feature for February. Wiremold products are the industry’s largest innovator of end-to-end wire and cable management for outdoor and indoor applications. From floor boxes, poke-thru devices, cable raceways, and more, Wiremold products stand out against the competition.  HOLT is shining a light on one particular product of Wiremold’s, as we find it to be a great time saver and make more room in your toolbox! 

Ratchet-Pro Round Dual Service Nonmetallic Concrete Floor Box

The Ratchet-Pro Round Dual Service Nonmetallic Floor Box promotes flexible, outstanding workmanship with unmatched speed on every job, without lacking quality. Poplar high volume applications include providing power, A/V, or communication services to open-space areas, all in an aesthetic solution. Here are some notable features: 

  • Individual Conduit Reducers & Plugs. Reduces labor for you by providing a direct reduction to support smaller and more challenging to manage conduit feeds. 
  • Ratchet Adjusting Ring. Never have to worry about bringing glue to a project again! The adjustable ring allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the cover to activate at a future date for dual service. 
  • Parallel Conduit Hubs. Be labor efficient and eliminate the need for 90-degree bends in your wire installation. The conduit feeds to be parallel for both power and communication cables, allowing for easier wire pulling for dual-service.
  • Multiple Size Conduit Feeds. Make your job simple and easy with max flexibility with your application with the conduit feeding ranges from ¾” trade size to 2” trade size. 

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