Automated. Smart. Seamless. Commercial spaces today look drastically different than they did pre-pandemic, thanks to two driving forces—global net-zero initiatives and the shift to the hybrid work environment—and the goal to strike a balance between both.

That’s where you come in. Tech and connectivity are big themes in the modern hybrid environment and essential to making the workspace work for everyone. As an electrical contractor, your technical skills and knowledge of top-of-the-line products can help companies significantly reduce energy consumption while providing a work environment that makes employees feel comfortable and motivated.

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing office space or wiring for new construction, here are three things that will help you knock the next commercial office project out of the park and earn those 5-star reviews (a.k.a. referrals for even more commercial work).

Energy Efficiency: Smart Energy Control Systems

Temperature and lighting can be the two biggest sources of energy waste in any office space that doesn’t have automated controls in place. Advanced energy systems can be implemented to help in both areas and to support remote, large-scale control. These systems come with many control capabilities such as pre-set timers, seasonal thermostat automation, and even system-to-system connectivity, giving a single control center the ability to sync the same settings across multiple locations.

Smart energy control systems also might require unique wiring considerations. For example, when projects include automatic window systems that pull shades down at a specific time to insulate space from the afternoon heat. It’s important to have conversations with the building manager and others on the project to ensure all design options have been considered.

Work Mode: Automated Lighting and Smart Charging

Smart lighting goes far beyond energy saving and can be used to create a work environment that keeps workers feeling focused and powering forward. Touchless controls, automatic light dimming, A/V integration, Power Delivery hybrid outlets, and wireless charging ports are small details on their own, but together they can create a powerful, frictionless work environment.

Regarding electrical solutions that inspire productivity in the workplace, Legrand’s collections are an industry favorite, featuring products that are easily installed in new construction or retrofit projects. Legrand is also known for their premium outlet designs that use a universal power delivery system for rapid charging. 

Incorporating high-end elements like these in a project can go a long way in wowing your customer, along with all those who experience the space.

Office Perks: EV charging ports

The parking lot is also an important consideration for electrical contractors. What may soon become a requirement for all commercial lots can be a huge office perk for employees that drive EVs to work, and it’s not a bad idea to install at least one. If you want to learn more about this rising trend and the current St. Louis building code, check out our EV guide for electrical contractors.

Knowing these essential electrical components of a modern workspace will allow you to guide customers through the design and decision-making process and better prepare them for the workplace of the future. 

For an estimate on automated lighting solutions and premium power delivery outlets for your next project, contact your HOLT rep or request a quote online.

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