ST. LOUIS, MO.— One of our region’s most prominent electrical supply distributors, HOLT Electrical Supply, is in the process of launching a refreshed brand identity that is sure to make a splash in the industry.

HOLT is a family-owned, full-line distributor of premium electrical supplies that has been serving the region’s best electrical contractors since 1960. With seven branches across the state, HOLT serves its broad range of customers with a commitment to empowering those who build communities with the expertise and quality products that power buildings, create networks, and provide comfortable environments to people all across the area. 

At the center of HOLT’s modernized brand is a new logo, featuring powerful letter forms and negative space that evokes the energy and core competency of the organization. The updated branding also includes a fresh color palette, bold typography, and a refreshed voice and tone that hits the company’s role in its customers success straight on the nose—a “middle man” that customers value as a trusted advisor and an organization its employees are proud to work for. 

“We are incredibly focused on shaping the future of HOLT Electrical Supply and showing our customers our value,” said company CEO Ryan Holtzman. “By re-imagining our brand, we are helping the market understand our value—as a trusted advisor to electrical contractors who want to take their business to the next level.”

HOLT is in the process of developing a new website that will provide current and potential customers the resources they need to tackle even the most complex projects. It will include tools to contact their local representative directly, tools for creating custom quotes, and a library of the company’s projects. 

“We look forward to showcasing our new brand in our communications going forward,” said Holtzman. “Our commitment to building communities is strong and only continues to grow.”

About HOLT Electrical Supplies: HOLT Electrical Supplies, Inc. is a family-owned, full-line electrical distributor that has been serving the industry since 1960. With seven branches open to the public in Missouri, HOLT has the capacity to meet any residential, commercial, or industrial needs with personalized service.


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