ST. LOUIS, MO. — HOLT Electrical Supply, Inc. hosted Dirk Beveridge and his We Supply America tour on July 21. As a part of his statewide tour across the country, Beveridge spoke with HOLT’s staff and management about HOLT’s critical role as suppliers and middle-men in the trades. 

“While the world shut down during COVID, our partners and clients were more in demand than ever,” said Ryan Holtzman, HOLT CEO. “We had to find a very careful balance of keeping the staff safe while responding to the overwhelming supply needs of our customers. Having Dirk stop by and recognize that put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Dirk toured the facility and even spent time sharing some BBQ and conversation throughout the rest of the afternoon. 

Beveridge’s We Supply America tour is a documented, televised tour of distributors and middle-men companies like HOLT. His mission is to bring more focus and attention to “independent and entrepreneurial businesses committed to their employees, customers, and communities – those who touch every aspect of society while supporting every town across America.” 

Click here for more information about the We Supply America project and mission. 

HOLT has demonstrated a commitment to educating the industry and helping communities grow throughout its decades-long history. As an organization, HOLT is more than a distributor. With the tools available on the website, as well as the consultative services the staff provides to customers at every location throughout the St. Louis area, the company has evolved into a knowledge hub and value-led supplier for the entire construction industry. 

“At HOLT, we’ve always agreed that distribution is a noble calling,” Holtzman continued. “But to have someone else say that, and to have our industry documented and presented in such a world-class way while also discussing the very human side of it? This feels historic to me.”

About HOLT Electrical Supply: HOLT Electrical Supply, Inc. is a family-owned, full-line electrical distributor that has been serving the industry since 1960. With eight branches open to the public in Missouri, HOLT has the capacity to meet any residential, commercial, or industrial needs with personalized service. 


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