We had a very special visitor on-site at our HQ in St. Louis in late July 2021. Business guru and American innovator Dirk Beveridge stopped his RV at our offices during a whistle-stop tour of suppliers across America. While many thought leaders in business sing the praises of tech startups, Dirk has a totally different idea. He believes that it’s time to celebrate the family-owned distribution companies that form the backbone of the American economy.

In 2021, it would make a lot of sense for anyone in his position to talk about the major advancements of vertically integrated suppliers. People are always talking about ways to “cut the middle man.” But we’ve always been proud to be the middle man that helps our customers and our community grab onto new opportunities.

Bottom-Up, Customer-Focused History

We don’t win unless our customers win. That’s why we’re committed to going beyond electrical supplies to support our customers. When you need help thinking outside the box, we help you solve problems you’ve never encountered before. Our Middle Man-ifesto (yep, we have one) is more about our customers than it is our company. 

We sell more than parts. We share knowledge. We share that knowledge when we do our trainings. We share that knowledge when we help you design solutions and projects. We share that knowledge when we show up on-site to help you figure out a problem you can’t solve on your own. 

COVID taught us a lot. It helped us realize just how important it is that we sit where we sit. In St. Louis, in the heart of America, in between you and your customers. It’s a spot where we can help people thrive on both sides of the equation. 

If you’re interested in joining the HOLT team, we need committed, passionate people who like to solve problems (and have the occasional parking lot BBQ). And as always, if you need help on a project, or you need some supplies, get connected and let us know. 

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