Our team at HOLT is excited to showcase our CADDY products as our monthly feature for December. CADDY products are known as the premiere fixing, fastening, and support products for electrical installation, data center, telecom, fire protection, seismic, and HVAC applications. Browse these featured products in our catalog and improve efficiency, reliability and confidence in your work!

CADDY CD Series Conduit Hangers

The CD Series Conduit Hangers have an easy application process, providing a quick and reliable installation, and making conduit support for rods or flanges simple. Here are some notable features: 

  • 1,2,3 Application Process. Quick and straightforward use, from mounting the hanger either horizontally or vertically, to running conduit through the hanger and tightening screws 
  • Range of Use. Use flexible metallic tubing, armored cable, portable cables, control tubes, communications cable, etc. 
  • No Installation Tools Required! A captive bolt/washer that creates a more efficient process; never install screws individually again!

CADDY In-Wall Products

CADDY provides fastening and hanging solutions that are trusted and proven in all commercial strut wall applications. Take a look at our two featured products that allow quick and simple installation, increasing efficiency and confidence when working with your products:

  • Snap-To-Stud Telescoping Screw Gun Box Bracket (TSGB1624S): Eliminate inconsistencies and increase productivity during telescoping work. A simple solution, making your installation job faster and easier with these functions:
    • The snap-to-stud function makes installation fast and easy
    • The self-leveling feature ensures the bracket is always square to the stud
    • Can mount multiple boxes
    • Requires only two screws to install 
  • Heavy Duty Rigid Box Support (RB16HD): Eliminate the need for an electrical box or low voltage application. Support electrical boxes, plastic rings, or low voltage devices all from one bracket. Additional features include: 
    • The heavy-duty design increases strength that is twice as strong as the first generation rigid box support
    • Accepts vertically or horizontally mounted objects 
    • Accepts single or double gang adjustable mud rings
    • A unique hole pattern, fitting four 11X16 boxes 
    • Designed to work with snap in place first, the meaning of support for conduit and cables

CADDY Adjustable Strut

One of the new products showcasing in our catalog! The Adjustable Strut limits the need to handle and cut long lengths of the strut to size. Once at the desired length, lock into place by snapping closed a spring retainer clip, allowing you a dependable product when accommodating standard strut fittings. 

Telescoping Strut Replacement (TSR1220): An innovative alternative for using traditional strut channels for trapeze or other support structures that accommodates standard strut fittings. This product eases the process with dependable features:

  • Telescopes to the desired length
  • Locks in place by snapping closed a spring retainer clip
  • Integrated ruler displays space between hang rods in both inches and centimeters
  • Eliminates the need for double-sided strut as conduit can be supported on both the top and bottom
  • Can be used with any strut strap, making it a one-size-fits-all approach to your strut replacement
  • Compact product, allowing for easy transportation from job to job

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