Our team at HOLT is excited to showcase our Bridgeport products as our monthly feature for January. Bridgeport electrical fittings are American-made products that are innovative, high quality, and easy to use. That’s the Bridgeport way. From bushings, EMT conduit fittings, and liquid tight conduit fittings, Bridgeport products stand out against other electrical fittings. Browse these featured products in our catalog and improve efficiency, reliability, and confidence in your work! 

Bridgeport E-Z LOCK Snap-in Connectors

Do you have a lot of MC cable to connect, but not much time to do it? You’re in luck! The new E-Z LOCK Snap-In Connectors promote outstanding workmanship with incredible speed on every job, without lacking quality. Popular high volume applications include branch circuits, lighting with power control, and a frequently specified half-inch metal conduit. Here are some notable features: 

  • Complete Installation Flexibility. Connectors come in multiple versions to meet any job requirement you may have.
  • No Tools Required! With just a simple push of the cable, the connector snaps into place. This tool makes for a quick and easy installation process.
  • Double Snap Connectors. A unique snap-in, front locking device with two raised tabs for securing and removing the connector from the box, ensuring a confident and straightforward implementation and removal of the piece. 

Bridgeport Mighty-Hold Universal Steel One Hole Strap 

This Bridgeport product provides security and stability to individual cables as they are held up, a truly unique and innovative way to get the job done right, while reducing how many tools you lug around. From EMT to rigid conduit, from AC/MC to FMC, Bridgeport has the straps, clamps, and hangers for any job you need. Here are some notable features: 

  • Pack Less. Hold More.  Made to be used with multiple cable straps or types of cables with aluminum or flexible steel. This strap is made for any cable securing job, creating a simpler application process with fewer parts to stress about. 
  • Single Screw Required. You need only one screw to use this product, creating a faster and easier installation process. 
  • Available in Stainless Steel. Also available in a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel version, ensuring the installation product will stand strong against the elements. 

MC-FLEXFIT Adjustable MC Feeder Cable Connectors

Bridgeport’s adjustable end stop connectors create an innovative and simple path to get the right connector for every MC feeder cable job. Here are some unique features: 

  • One-Piece Armor Stop. This end stop connector has a one-piece armor stop and insulated throat that provides greater conductor protection. Providing confidence and less worry when performing your application. 
  • Two Position/Two Screw Hinge. The design allows for an extensive cable range without needing separate bushings, creating a more straightforward use.
  • Heavy Duty. Impact-resistant steel construction supports larger sized MC Feeder Cables, giving you flexible advantages with each job. 

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The HOLT experience provides quality products that are backed by experience. If you would like to learn more information on our extensive list of products, take advantage of our online catalog.

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