1. PACKOUT Modular Storage Systems by Milwaukee Tools

Rolling up to a job site with the PACKOUT says that you’re here to get sh** done. With nearly 50 different components and an unlimited number of configurations, this is by far the most versatile and customizable storage system with space to pack every tool you need for a job.

  1. Express In-Floor Wire Kits by ConnecTrac

This is definitely a tool that every EC needs to keep in their back pocket. ConnecTrac pre-wired power kits are the foolproof way to install in-floor wiring and data in new construction and retrofit projects. Low profile ramps fit seamlessly with any floor for ADA compliance, plus these kits are easy enough to install that it won’t disrupt the workflow of the construction job.

  1. MX Fuel CARRY-ON 3600W/1800W Power Supply by Milwaukee Tools

Small and mighty—this is the workhorse of all power solutions in a compact, portable design. The full MX Fuel Power Supply product line is designed to deliver the power you need with maximum safety for your team.

  1. TWX LED Wall Pack Family by Lithonia Lighting

Don’t let the slim design fool you, these lights pack a punch. The high-efficiency TWX LED wall pack series is available in three sizes, four colors, and up to 13,850 lumens. Plus, they have the same footprint as traditional wall packs to cover up those unsightly wall stains…you know the ones. Lithonia Lighting really thought of everything when developing this product.

  1. HOLT Job Site Pods

We all know that leaving equipment at a jobsite is a huge gamble. It may still be there the next time you go back, or it may have “walked off.” But it’s a catch-22 because carting everything you need to and from a jobsite isn’t always an option either. That’s where your supplier can help. At HOLT, we offer job site storage pods to our customers for exactly this reason. And it can make your project run more efficiently, too. By having a HOLT pod parked at your job site, our drivers can make supply drops ahead of schedule, which minimizes the time your crew stands around waiting on deliveries. 

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